Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP/MTs


Oleh : Alam Nugraha, S.S
Kelas : Mts/SMP
Matapelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP/MTs1.Andi : can I borrow your pencil?

Sani : Sure here it is
Andi : Thank you
Sani : …..

a. I’m sorry c. Thank you
b. Don’t mention it d.That’s Ok

2. Mother : Marisa, did you break the plate?

Marisa : Yes I did, I’m sorry Mom…
Mother :……
a. I’m sorry too c. You are welcome
b. That’s all right d. don’t mention it

3. Teacher : Hadi, open the door please !

Hadi : ….
a. Don’t mention it c. Ok Sir, thank you
b. Yes, Sir d. I’m sorry Sir

4. A : Do you like to play sport?

B : ……
A : What sport do you like?
B : I’m very fond of playing football
a. No, I don’t c. Yes, I’m fine
b. Yes, I like it a lot d. I can’t stand it

5. A : What do you think about my new dress?

B : …….It’s looks good.
a. I know c. I think
b. It’s good d. I think it’s a good idea

6. A : Hello

B : Hello, Can I have this magazine. Please
A : That’s 10.000 rupiahs. Please
B : Here you are
A :……
a. Don’t mention it c. Never mind
b. Thank you d. Goodbye


Mr. Jackson is an American teacher, but he lives and works in Denpasar. He teaches English at SMP 8. He is very good teacher. His students like him.
His wife is an Indonesian. She comes from Medan. They have one son and one daughter. The children go to a primary school.
Mr. Jackson’s house is made of wood. It has five rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and two bedrooms. The Jacksons have a house maid to help Mrs. Jackson to do the house work. The maid comes from Bantul.

7. What does the text mostly about?

a. Mr.Jackson’s wife c. Mr. Jackson’s work
b. The Jackson family d. Mr. Jackson’s maid

8. What is the purpose of the text?

a. To tell how The Jackson Family is
b. To describe the Jackson Family
c. To explain about Jackson Family
d. To entertain the Jackson Family

9. Where does the Jackson Family stay?

a. in Denpasar b. in Bantul c. in Medan d. in America

10. “She comes from Medan” (line 3). The underlined

Word refer to Mr. Jackson’s..….
a. Teacher b. daughter c. wife d. maid

11. Mr. Jackson’ house has….

a. a kitchen an a private room
b. a living room and a garage room
c. a living room and a bathroom
d. a bedroom and a prayer room


1. First, cut a piece of pineapple
2. Then, (12)…the pineapple into a blender
3. (13)….a half glass of water into a the blender.
4. (14)…. spoonful of sugar
5. Put some ice cubes into the blender
6. (15)…for several minutes
7. Now, your juice is ready to be served

12. a. cut b. put c. chop d. slice

13. a. break b. sauté c. pour d. grate

14. a. grill b. bake c. add d. clean

15. a. play b. push c. press d. blend


Where is the notice placed…
a. Classroom c. Librari
b. Street/Road d. Mosque


Where is the notice placed…
a. Classroom c. Mosque
b. Hospital d. School Canteen

Everybody has a hobby. A hobby is something we do for happiness in our spare time. My hobby is collecting stamps. I like to collect many kinds from all over the world. Sometimes I must buy a new stamp. I put my collections in a stamps album.
I have a brother. His name is Andre. He likes to go camping. He always goes camping on holidays. My sister, Putri, like cooking. She likes baking cakes but she hates preparing our meals.
My mother and father like gardening. They like to spend their time in garden. There are many flowers in their garden. There are roses, jasmines, orchids and hibiscuses. They also plant vegetables. There are carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce.

18. What is hobby?

a. something we do for fun
b. pleasure in our spare time
c. it is whatever everybody has
d. something we like to collect

19. How many persons are there in the writer’s family?

a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6

20. Where does the writer put his stamps collection?

a. in the book c. in the wallet
b. in the stamp album d. in the cupboard

II. Essay (for number 1-5)

Lengkapi kalimat dibawah ini dengan benar!

1. She …….. coming now

2. Andi and Ratna ……….. studying English language

3. Do you want to bring a box for me? Yes,…………..

4. Susunlah kalimat dibawah ini!
Stamp – selecting – we – now – the – are
Car – time – your – this – is – wasking – at – a – father

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